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Being Special

What makes the Disability Resilience Network advocacy model special? Well firstly we don't have a deficit model of disability we have an abundancy model coupled with the belief that disabled people have an historic mission to fulfil. Secondly, we don't run commissioned services so we can be dispassionate and independent of Government and unconflicted in our work for the client. Thirdly we have broad terms of reference so we can criticise the causes of disability such as war, climate change and air pollution.

We are a network so you can continue with your existing beliefs and still adopt our values of disruption, resilience and innovation so there are fewer barriers to unity. In a network you have parity and access equally to others and the network exists wherever you exist and at whatever level or status that you do. The network embodies pluralistic methods so that different campaigns and different methods of working can be trialled, and we can grow rapidly through iterative learning. We see wisdom and insight in emotional intelligence, the intellect and spirituality so we distil all these forms of knowledge to communicate with one another but especially the non-disabled.

Whilst disabled people are now close to being one in four of the UK population, we remain a minority and continue to have to persuade non-disabled people to make resources available to us. We need new cut through arguments: approaches like purple and transcendent thinking like resilience. Resilience is a universal quality. It is the attribute that enables all of us to find adaptation and coping in response to the challenges arising from our disabilities. Every human being is resilient but it is disabled people who are tested on their resilience and sometimes every day.

Our theory of change extends from dialogue with Government to leading the change ourselves through narrative change, new business models or deploying liberation technology to attract or create new resources. We are dedicated to transferring power from the state to the disabled person, so we seek to work in the less contested near future to shape trends in business, technology and culture. We have launched operation purple vote to optimise the political power of the disabled population.

In summary we are communitarian, we tap into the power of purple and we have a better story to tell on disability. Make us your advocates of choice. Join us at


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