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Draft letter to disabled people's organisations in marginal constituencies.

Asking for the marginal difference.

People standing in a wave shape

"Operation Purple Vote" has three aims: support disabled adults to register to vote, vote undeterred by, but in keeping, with the requirement for voter photo identity and to convince floating voters with disabilities in marginal seats to change their previous political allegiance. We ask you to join us and deliver real and actual change for disabled people where you live. 

How do we persuade you to talk to all the people you can that you don't know about Operation Purple Vote? I say this because we have to burst our own bubble first. No complacency. There's an election to influence! 

The recent success of disabled people in partnership with commuters and others in reversing plans to close rail ticket offices showed our strength and influence. The people who sell the tickets demonstrate the value of good advice, a visible caring presence in our communities and having someone to talk to. Three quarters of a million signed petitions to keep what the Government described as high passenger standards. So lets take that forward. Imagine not simply high passenger standards but high community standards too. Safeguarding the pharmacist and post office networks and giving GP surgeries a role in strengthening communities through social prescribing. 

It is not just the floating voter, we want you to talk too. We ask you to talk to the people who talk to other people: the newspaper seller, the taxi car owner, the hairdressers and so on. The people who already have disabled people amongst their customers and would benefit from them having more years of independent living and fewer years of institutional care. Has and does the planning system that regulates your neighbourhood help deliver this or is there a shortage of accessible housing? Has and does development overlook the needs of disabled people?

The Disability Resilience Network offers you a reflective space in which to match local opportunities to national agendas. We ask you to become our local branches between now and up to one year after the election. We ask you to adopt local demands of all your candidates within an overall framework that delivers sustainable, resilient and inclusive communities. In return we will support you with training in deep engagement known otherwise as the art of conversation and persuasion.    

Now its your turn to ask us the questions? Join us for free via the form at


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