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On Becoming an Influencer

The Disability Resilience Network (DRN) requires funding. As you know we don't charge fees, nor run services nor sell anything other than our ideas. As you also know you need to plan now for the support you and your parents want to remain at home, where you know and with the people you know. So I put the two together. I asked myself if your support plans could help us to meet our funding needs. As the inventor of the purple pound could the DRN be funded by it.

And could we be influencers?

What's our vision here? Is it just to sell you aids and adaptations for a house to feel like home? No it is so you can continue the romance of life. Romance of life? Yes the unexpected, unscheduled visitor, setting your own hygiene standards down to how long you need to wait to wash your hair and even the possibility of still making love on the bathroom floor. Life isn't simply about assessed needs but also about expressed desires. Have you ever wondered why nature put a twinkle in your eye?.

I knew I needed to test all this.  

About the same time I was approached by the Director of Absolute Mobility, fitters and designers of walk in showers. I viewed their products and spoke to their customers. I learnt that purchasing one could be a romantic gesture but it could also resolve practical problems like just how do you bathe when it feels like your knees are pointing the wrong way?

I signed an agreement to recommend their products to you. Why rush to use a walk in shower in a care home or nursing home when you could have one in your own hone or theirs? Finally use your influence as a consumer to make myself and the DRN influencers by making your purchase and fitting through "Absolute Mobility." Please quote uur recommendation. 

Of course there is a business case for the value for money of having a walk in shower.

Walk in bath
Walk-in bath

The case is described by Absolute Mobility and I am pleased to carry the document on the "Disability Resilience Network" website

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