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You Heard it Here First - the DRN Team Effort and Also General Election Dates Inside

Operation Purple Vote (OPV) is looking to set up an Artificial Intelligence (AI) facility to support the Disability Resilience Network (DRN) objective of having the biggest ever turnout of disabled voters in a general election. We wish to link with disability groups and directly with disabled people in marginal constituencies and put this new influencing tool to the test.

There are 9.4 million people with disabilities in England with one in three being aged 65 or over. There are 5.4 million carers in England. In addition NHS data also shows that there are 4.7 million people awaiting operations so there are also likely to be many new instances of people temporarily disabled too.

WE HAVE A RESPONSE. We wish to ask you to become OPV local supporters. We need your spare AI capacity to identify the areas in the key marginal constituencies to target with our messages on the importance of reversing the marginalisation of disabled people. We will play our part. Our over riding message is a long-term transformative one. Disability will cease to be a marginal issue. We will be unhidden.

In our new campaign every disabled person will have the choice of joining "Team DRN," every temporarily disabled person can join "Squad DRN", every family member can join "Supporter DRN," and every resident of our green and pleasant AND our modern and inclusive country can join "Fan DRN."

Purple will be our colour of choice and you can join us by filling in the form at In the coming months we are considering funding our work by making available ethical purple T shirts and/or biodegradable wristbands that you can order and wear to show your own support for Operation Purple Vote. Subject to appropriate cost and agreeable design it would be helpful to hear from you as whether you would order these items or indeed something else. Finally you might like to suggest a design that we could commission, include it with the free form.

DRN, don't just hear us plugging things but plug yourself in and power yourself up. Above all get ready. The election will be on either October 26th 2023 or February 29th 2024. The worst we can be is wrong: the best we can be is prepared.


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