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We have a new anthem

This year we reveal an anthem for the resilient, a song to unite us all. A celebration of how disability is not a separate issue within society but a real lifeline to our existence. For over a year now Philip (founder of DRN) has been saying we needed a disability anthem, something that is for everyone. So today we present ‘Disability Winners’.

This song moves away from disability as an individualised experience. We recognise and celebrate that when we together to acknowledge disability and the impact it has on us, we can all be winners!

I have been working with Philip and Disability Resilience Network for two years, mainly as the tech support/web design. When Philip presented the lyrics to me I was inspired to use my creative musical energy to write and record this catchy track. Initially there was a very different version to but Philip quite rightly said “it need to be more like an anthem”. Inspired by his encouraging words I was able to tap into the essence of what an anthem sounds and feels like, sparked to convey a buzz!

Here is a snippet of the lyrics:

Whoever we are - we’re disability winners

Resourceful: we can find another way

Challenge us: we can find more reasons to stay

Necessity’s the mother of invention

We have so many mothers, we’ve so much intention

Full lyrics can be found on our home page along with the audio track to download.

What a time to be releasing our first song. We are very excited about its potential and would love any feedback or suggestions on how to extend its reach.

You can download and share the song and make a donation to the DRN project.

Finally join us for the next meeting of the DRN on January 7th from 1 pm to 3 pm. Due to the rail strike this will be remote.

Link to meeting:

Meeting ID: 819 5315 7780

Passcode: 585337

Blog by Martine Waltier


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