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When did the Government leave?

Conservative MP and ex-climate adviser Chris Skidmore has warned of a "vacuum and silence" in government on climate change. BBC 5/7/2023

26 May 2021 · In evidence to the parliamentary inquiry on Wednesday, Mr Cummings said there was no plan for this group of people.

11 Sep 2023 · Civil servants who have never spoken on camera before tell Kuenssberg that there was no plan for a leave victory.

On the three most significant issues since 2010 - Climate change, Brexit and the pandemic, the Government has had no plan. The ministers who took part in the BBC's "State of Chaos" documentary series or the civil servants or advisors who worked for them have consistently said there was no plan. Disabled people have fared the worst yet have been consistently ignored. No policy interventions in the levelling up plan, No mention in either the Growth or Jobs plans. No aspirational agenda for us. But wait, there is it seems a plan. Is it a plan to offer accessibility in new transport schemes? No. Is it a plan to offer specific jobs such as those created by the new childcare services? No. What is it? It's a plan to reduce disabled people's entitlement to social security.

If it feels like the Government has left, what are the choices? The Disability Resilience Network suggests your plans might look like this:

1) Join the DRN and link up with all looking for more resilience in their lives or are keen to share what they have found in response to their own health condition.

2) Join our Operation Purple Vote and exercise your ability to persuade others that we need to leave the next generation with something better - the kids aren't going to be alright.

3) Form community or teams and like the rugby - BIND> SET>ENGAGE - with all the key decision makers in your constituency; your local authority, your university, your MP.

4) Start planning and collect testimonies and solutions from others facing challenges of their own but connect your work to key decision makers.

5) Start exchange systems around information, skills' including emotional intelligence, artistry, digital and so on, assets, shared consumption, the formation of mutuals etc.

Agile planning may work well for you but the key is to have a plan or at least be in other people's plans. Being resilient requires us to not simply deal with the present crisis but the one after that. Typically the one the Government doesn't have a plan for.

Fill in our free membership form at and join our community.


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